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A Day in the Life of Ed Hoadley

A Day in the Life of Ed Hoadley

tenthree's managing director and dad-to-be is an early riser, a master BBQ-er and a dab hand (well, sort of) at IKEA furniture assembly.


05.30: I’m a morning person, so I get up early. Like, 5:30am early. It’s a combination of walking the dog, hating rush hour and my alarm going off at 5:30. Hanging in my room I have this sign I made for my wedding. It’s sort of my motto for life, and I see it every morning when I wake up. Do Stuff. Have fun. Be Nice.


06.00: I try and do some exercise before work everyday. It resets my mind and gets me ready for the trials of the day. Today I’m running into the office with my little mate Bella. Our route is amazing as we take in the Olympic venues of Queen Elizabeth Park and leafy Vicky Park, then I get the treat of seeing people on their way home from nights out in Old Street, which is always entertaining. London is pretty awesome.


08.00: As the saying goes: give a man a fish and he will feed his family for a day. Give a man a BBQ and he will feed his whole edit house a fry up every Friday morning without fail, come rain or shine (or even snow). It’s quite literally the best fry up in Soho and I do it every Friday. Today’s special is Birds Eye Potato Waffles (yes, they were waffly versatile).


10.00: My god-daughter (who is Billy’s daughter) was at the office once and she said to me, “Uncle Ed all you do all day is send e-mails and answer the phone”. She was a very perceptive 12 year-old. I spend the next few hours doing my day job, making phone calls and sending e-mails. I also check BBC Sport a bit. Six Nations starts this weekend so plenty to distract me.


11.00: My Dad is in today. He helps with building work around the office. Today he’s fixing the downstairs lights because a builder drilled through a wire last Saturday - that was a good weekend. He wouldn’t let me take a picture of him so here's one of him getting of the plane to Ibiza in 1975.


13.00: I’m off to meet our awesome rep Sophia in Shoreditch to see our friends from Stink, and eat steak.



14.00: These guys! Every Friday we have a catch-up with the assistants. They are the unsung heroes of tenthree, doing all the hard work behind the scenes. They are also incredible editors; in fact we about to launch a new page on our website to showcase their talents. Watch this space.


18.30: It’s Friday, so everyone is having pizza and a well-earned beer to unwind after a busy week. I’m going home though – my wife is 36 weeks pregnant, which means  I could be having a baby at any time, and I’m so fucking excited about being a dad! I’m going home to talk to her bump.


19.30: I just built something called a Malm. That’s Swedish for shit chest of drawers. Not that I’m competitive or anything, but I timed myself and it took 37 minutes. Admittedly, I did still have these bits left over but I’m sure it will be fine.


20.30: A friend told us it’s good to talk to your unborn child. I’m yet to be convinced he wasn’t winding us up, but – determined to be the best dad I can be – I start talking to a stomach. I read a few pages of The Big Match by Rob Childs to my bump-son. I was obsessed with the book as a kid so just wanted an excuse to read it again, and by God it stands the test of time. Childs is a literary genius.

22.00: Bed time. I think I’ll have a lie in tomorrow. Alarm set for 07.30. Today I did stuff, I tried to be nice and I definitely had fun. It was a good day.

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